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The Studio Bodda & Partners operates from the first years after its foundation in the area of bankruptcy law and insolvency assisting not only to insolvent companies but also to the liquidators, the commissioners and the receivers, which have appointed the Advocates of study of such legal procedure.

The assistance to the organs of the Procedures is expressed, among other things, in the evaluation of existing legal relationships (with suppliers, customers, with credit institutions), in the recovery of debts, in the exercise of revocation actions, damages and responsibility, in the defense against oppositions to the passive and, more generally, in legal representation.

The procedures followed to date have resulted in one of dozens Law Firm renowned in the field at the Courts of Turin and Asti.

From another point of view, the Firm provides protection to companies and generally to all those individuals who find themselves having to deal with the crisis or the insolvency of their trading partners, with the possibility of bankruptcy petitions, agreed, agreed with business continuity.

The service provided primarily involves the evaluation of the individual position of the client and, therefore, detection and recovery of loans, as well as the defense in any action for revocation.

The Firm has gained experience and expertise especially in assistance to entrepreneurs and investors interested in companies or assets in the context of liquidation proceedings, insolvency or otherwise, or to acquire the related litigation by recruiting agreed bankruptcy and / or procedures of esdebitazione consumers and businesses do not fallible.

The legal firm also deals with the crisis of over-indebtedness.

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