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It happens more and more often that the expectations of the tourists are not complied with, or because on arrival at the place of holiday accommodation and the environments are not as envisaged by the tour operator or because the manager is clearly in breach of the contractual agreements signed in the agency; or even because the management of the holiday proves disastrous because the tour operators or carriers used (for delays, cancellations of flights, missed connections, lost luggage etc.).
The law firm Bodda&Partners is able to give assistance by assessing the damage suffered and that the conditions to seek compensation for damages.
The studio operates in cases of:

  • damage ruined holiday:
  • damages from delay plane:
  • damages:
  • termination of the contract if the consumer is, for whatever reason (illness, sudden engagement) unable to take advantage of the package already bought;
  • right of withdrawal in case of price revision or modification of contract terms in excess of 10% of the original price, made by the tour operator or vendor;
  • right of withdrawal for serious default of the counterparty and the right to a refund of the paid amount, with no further consequences.

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